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Automated BILlingprocess Systems.  ABILS for post sale data retrieval & handling.

One of the main challenges of the operators today is their billing systems. Operator's billing systems are often a major source of increasing
pressure and stress on staff and customers as well as a strain on the investment budget.

In order to provide you with a system that will enable you to keep track on your cost structure, increase throughput of cash flow & liquidity,
and increase process speed and quality in deliverables STC Systems has developed ABILS IV. The Product Portfolio consists of:

ABILS IV: Cost control of interconnect, co- location, and service provisioning
Data validation and storage
Validation & Control of Operator/Vendor generated invoices
Cross tabulation of data entries i.e. product ID, order ID, location ID
Strong search and select dB function
Output in visual, hard copy or file formats
Strong report generator
Alert and alarm to key personnel

ABILS IV features three main modules for entry, retreival and computing -
Invoice Converter (IVC), Invoice Reporter (IVR) and Invoice Administration (IVA).

ABILS CDR Cellular

For further details and to upload the entire ABILS-whitepaper in PDF format click here.

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